C.M. Hobbs

Mercenary Janitor and Network Cowboy. I do filthy, nerdy things.

ex nihilo nihil fit

This site serves as a personal calling card and placeholder for several of my domains. I have held some sort of online presence since the late 90s and I am fickle and flighty with them. My websites, social media accounts, and other such artifacts come and go over time.


I have been doing general technology and security consulting in my free time for many years under my own company (currently operating as Ascia Technologies, LLC). I can provide assistance with small to medium system/network administration, backend development tasks, network and physical pentesting, devops/SRE work, and various other computing chores. If you'd like to talk Ascia, reach out to cmhobbs@ascia.tech.

I'm currently employed as a DevOps Engineer focused on infrasec. While I'm not currently looking for work, it never hurts to keep an ear to the ground. My resume is available here. For the moment, I'm also visible on LinkedIn if that's more your style.


I have loads of hobbies and a local archive of old blog posts/projects. I hope to organize and host them here again someday once I muster the courage and energy. I also have various bits of toy code to share that desparately needs organization. Some of that ancient bit-rot lives on my Github account(s).

anti-social media

I have had quite a few social media accounts through the years. Typically I've either used the name 'nilmethod' or some variation of my last name and initials. Lately I've been lurking around the fediverse again, mostly just testing the waters. While I do have a couple of special purpose accounts on the big services that feel unavoidable, I try to stay off social media as it gives me great amounts of anxiety. If you happen across an account that looks like it belongs to me, feel free to email me for confirmation.