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Mercenary Janitor and Network Cowboy. I do filthy nerdy things.

ex nihilo nilhil fit

I am fickle about personal web pages. I feel vain and exposed when I make them but they provide a creative outlet for me. This site serves to provide my contact information and to host (somewhat broken) archives of my older hobby projects. In the future I may add other content but for now I'm not holding myself to any commitments or schedules.

Who am I?

I'm Christopher M. Hobbs or simply "Hobbs" to most folks who know me. I'm a man of many hobbies and they seem to be cyclical. It would be futile to list them all but these days it's MMA, reading, general computer tinkering, and older video games like arcade shmups or classic DOOM.

In the past I've held strong ideas about Free Software and anarchism and you may have encountered some of my online ranting. As I've aged, I've mellowed a bit and I often joke that I've gone from "black flag to white collar" as my preferences have become more practical in nature. However, I'm still an advocate for individual autonomy, software freedom, and good clean trouble.

Professionally, I'm the Director of Engineering at Lofty and I maintain a mostly-dormant infotech/infosec consultancy called Ascia Technologies on the side. I've worked across a wide array of industries and disciplines in technology for companies big and small and I'm really happy where I've landed.

Want to say howdy?

Social media makes me pretty uncomfortable but I'm giving the fediverse another try after years of absence. You can find my Pleroma instance via the "Microblog" link at the top of the page. I'm also available via email at cmhobbs@acm.org.

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