C.M. Hobbs

Mercenary Janitor and Network Cowboy. I do filthy nerdy things.

ex nihilo nilhil fit

I'm undergoing another (what seems to be annual) web-purge, therefore this site is going to be mostly empty until I get the gumption to try again.

Are you looking for Ascia Technologies, LLC?

That's my little consultancy where I build and break things for a variety of interesting people. We're mostly not open for new business at the moment but feel free to throw an email at me if you really think you need assistance: cmhobbs@ascia.tech.

Are you looking for The Manor?

Sadly we had a big lightning strike that took out the bulk of our equipment and recovery was too cumbersome to work through. If you need your backup files, reach out with the contact info below. We all had a great time, though. Maybe we'll do it again one day. Happy Hacking!

Want to say howdy?

Reach out via email (cmhobbs@acm.org) or XMPP (hobbsc@jabber.sdf.org). As usual, I don't occupy myself with social media (federated or otherwise). If someone with my name tries to connect with you, it's a trap. During the pandemic, I did create a LinkedIn account due to the improbability of local networking. I advise against the use of such services.

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