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Self Reliance in Tech

I read an article where someone tried to block all of Amazon's services and found that they were unable to do so due to AWS handling the lion's share of the "Public Cloud" traffic. Various folks argued between the words 'Internet' and 'Public Cloud' but the point was that AWS handles a bunch of traffic. Google, Facebook, and the rest of FAANG handle all this sort of thing.

Self reliance is an important topic and I feel like it often ignores technology outright. You might see discussions about using solar arrays for charging batteries but computing is seemingly rarely discussed. If we are to be self reliant in the modern day, we probably should focus some effort on self reliance in our technology.

I believe it's a simple fact that we have to rely on others to some degree if we are to have any semblance of a healthy life. That extends to technology. At the moment it's impossible to get away from the big providers (to say nothing about ISPs...) but we are still able to do some self hosting or utilize shared resources. Some of these things are getting more difficult such as mail hosting, while others are more democratized such as web and social media hosting.

Furthermore it may make sense to liberate content from walled gardens. When the massive content companies disappear for whatever reason (power outage, bgp mistakes, etc.), we lose access to some of that content. Keeping local, or better yet, federated copies would be helpful.

Relying on a combination of small hosting providers with redundancy and our own self hosting, we can make ourselves more resistant to unexpected failures. I'm still not sure what to do about ISPs outside of perhaps community mesh networks... that's another topic entirely.

Unrelated side notes, my learning focus over the last several weeks. Things have slowed down greatly in this area due to the current general craziness everybody is already familiar with...

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