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Infosec Learning, September 2020

It's been a crazy month and some change. I've spent the bulk of my time this month studying for the eCPPT. I have only had a short amount of time each day and I'm looking at setting my test date for maybe the week of December 7th. I'll have to wait and see how the process goes but I'll push for that goal.

I'm still on the first section. All of the custom exploit stuff was really hard for me initially. It's been ages since I've read Smashing the Stack and even longer since I had written my own shellcode. Metasploit has spoiled me through the years.

I got through that and I'm into the crypto section. A lot of the slides for this section are in relatively broken English like they went through an automatic translator or something. I can mostly understand them though. Given this isn't a written response exam and the task is to own boxes (I believe), I'm focusing less on consumption and regurgitation and more on trying to learn how the material wants me to approach the attacks.

Either way, I need to accelerate my consumption of the material and start actually attacking boxes. I've only attacked two boxes so far for the training and it was a Windows XP machine and a simple third party VM. Not good for a pratical exam.

I've all but stopped studying the big list of stuff for the day job and quit staring at my Udemy courses. I intend to come back to them soon but it may be after the exam. I want to put my focus soley on this.

With that, I'm going to hit the books again. Until next time, dear reader! Happy Hacking!

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