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Infosec Learning in July (and some updates)

Not a lot done with my learning path this month. I've been arbitrarily busy and that's taken its toll on my free time. I hope to pick up a little more in the coming month. I'm especially excited to attent USENIX Security '20 and to watch DEFCON 28 talks in the coming weeks/days.

I spent more time with kali.training and Applied NSM. I'm nearly finished with both books. I've found the former to be mostly refresher and the latter to be quite useful for little tips here and there. I'll also admit I have picked up a few tricks from the Kali book. The two of these have really shown me that I need to start taking better notes (or any notes really) while I read. I've been having trouble recalling some of the better content.

Outside of the books, I've been spending time with some papers. The ACM Digital Library and the SANS Reading Room being my go-to sources at the moment. I've read a bit about detecting malicious traffic with python (naturally using scapy), information about data gleaned from ISP taps, and some malware reverse engineering from NATO CCDCOE. I also picked up the new Digital Threats: Research and Practice (DTRAP) Journal from the ACM from back in May.

For good measure and some applied fun, I re-keyed my practice lock with some security pins and tried out some new picks I picked up earlier in the year to replace my ancient busted and bent up set. While I'm not so interested in physical security these days, it makes for a nice puzzle.

Finally a couple of updates:

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