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Linkdump from Infosec Jupytercon 2020

I attended about half of Infosec Jupytercon 2020. I was hopeful that this would be a useful event but as I mentioned over on Mastodon, it all seemed like a thinly veiled Microsoft advertisement. I suppose that's the way of the conference, virtual or otherwise. I did manage to glean some neat links to dig into, however. Here's the list:

Using Jupyter notebooks for Infosec stuff is about what I expected, as well. Essentially, point the python interpreter that's dangling out of your browser to a data source, import pandas, make pretty graphs. Optionally, pay for a fancy graphing as a service account and send the data there. Often this is a pretty useful approach it seems. I'll keep tinkering with this.

Overall, I did get some useful stuff to think about (especially the general use of notebooks, how their binder ecosystem works, and how to use GPUs to speed up processing). Hopefully they'll post a recording for others to watch after the fact.

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