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Antisocial media

I have the same story as many folks who care about privacy, user rights, and who happen to be technophiles to some degree. I started out on a lot of the major social media sites during their more public rollouts, panicked when they started getting creepy, rode the wave of the fediverse (as early as StatusNet), authored and deleted many blogs.

I don't like exposure or spotlight. Social interactions create heavy anxiety. Given all of the above, why am I here (and why would I use a proprietary network)?

I want to create content again and I want to have conversations again. I feel like I've learned enough about over-sharing and I feel like I can step back into public view a bit after some introspection. I also want to own my content.

Despite my issues with Mastodon, I'll start there. My former technical and social issues with the fediverse are water under the bridge.

It seems most of the content I wish to consume is still on Twitter. I'll be creating an account there once I figure out how to pull it off without too much of a privacy invasion.

I will do my best to interact with people but I intend to closely guard my time and ensure that these ephemeral interactions do not consume my time and thoughts. I think I can do it this time.

I will post here and syndicate to social media. I'll work on getting an RSS feed up and I'll do my best to think before I post.

I'm actively looking for interesting things to follow, especially in the infosec realm. Most things technical are greatly appreciated as well. Just please nothing political... Let's get (just a little) social!

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